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Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand

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If you look up the word selflessness, you will find Arishma Singh.   She is an incredible individual trying to help the world every way she can - From organizing events to support victims of natural disasters to raising awareness of epilepsy to being an ambassador to support those that are suffering from secondary breast cancer.


And if that wasn’t enough Arishma does hold a full-time job where she is also a part of her company’s diversity and inclusion board with a daily goal to promote gender equality, women empowerment and diversity awareness.


After the devastating earthquake in Nepal in April, Arishma wanted to help rebuild a school that was severely damaged.  She organized an event in partnership with The South Trust to educate those about the devastation and was able to raise $7,000.


In July and August came severe flooding in Myanmar affecting over one million people and Arishma quickly went to work organizing a thrift sale to raise funds for those that lost some of their basic necessities from the flooding.  Through friends, family and colleagues Arishma collected items that were no longer being used or needed.  This thrift sale not only helped those in Myanmar, but the items left over from the thrift sale that were originally destined for the trash were then donated to Salvation Army and Aukland City Mission.


Arishma is also a social media ambassador for Sweet Louise, a foundation uniquely focused on the needs of New Zealanders living with secondary breast cancer.  She posts daily about the struggles people with secondary breast cancer are going through and what we can do to assist.  Arishma has even gone the way of growing her hair and then cutting off 6 inches to raise money and awareness for Epilepsy.


What’s next you ask?  Arishma is already planning an event later this year to support Syrian refugees and an event in 2016 around International Women's Day.


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