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San Ramon, California, United States

A San Ramon family had the best unexpected holiday season they could imagine. Thanks to the outreach of a special education teacher at Greenbrook Elementary School, Lindsey Wagner, who identified why one of her students was having a hard time at school. The student continually came in late which prompted Lindsey to talk with the family and she discovered they were having a hard time to make ends meet. The mom and grandmother had only one car to share, and they worked day and night shifts causing the family to have to drive together to transport the other. The kids came with them as well and sometimes would come home so late in the evening, they had a hard time arriving on time at school. Lindsey reached out to her Bible study group, school community, social media, and gym members, and soon found that the people around her were interested in helping out. Gifts of cash and gift cards came pouring in where she received about $1500 in donations. In addition, the donors provided the family with a MDX SUV, 2 new car seats, and a $10,000 car maintenance fund.


Lindsey’s devotion to her students went above and beyond by reaching out to her community to help out a family in need. Lindsey is an inspiration for us to get to know our neighbors and find out how we can help them. Lindsey is still focused on her special education class and could use some help to improve the learning environment for her students such as school supplies, educational materials, and a trip to the Special Olympics. Let’s acknowledge Lindsey for doing a good deed and ensure she has the proper resources to continually improve the lives of her special education students.


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