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Teaching is Susan Holloway’s passion.  It’s her dream to see her students succeed, graduate one day, and “be whoever they want to be in life.”  She started teaching in school districts that happened to be in lower income areas.  She would see students coming to school without adequate attire, struggling to stay warm in the winter or not having shoes to even come to school.  Now teaching on a middle school campus she still sees the same struggles and is determined to help these kids.  In her words, “How do you expect your students to listen to you and interact in any lesson when they’re still shivering uncontrollably from the cold?”  She wants her students to feel comfortable, proud, and confident in order to focus on learning without being judged by peers due to their outward appearance.


During the fall of 2012, Susan decided to set up a ‘Clothing Bank’ for the kids at her school.    She transformed an old classroom into a clothing bank that provides new and gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories to those in need, with no cost to the recipient.  Through collections within the community (many donors give anonymously) her idea of the clothing bank became a reality.  She approached her school Principal and District Superintendent about how this could be an asset to all students, and now two years after its beginning her clothing bank now serves the entire school district. She’s eager to expand this idea with teachers and staff in other school districts for she believes, “this is not something limited to certain districts but can and should be available to all school districts and their communities.”  Please join hands to reward this good deed as Susan continues to carry on this incredible endeavor. 


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