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Brisbane, South Australia, Australia

Sarina Eggers-Stable, a solicitor from Brisbane, planned to head out for dinner with her husband to celebrate one of her husband’s achievements. They had just parked their car when they heard a huge bang about 50 meters away. When they reached the crash scene, they saw that a giant crane had collapsed, falling almost 40 meters to the ground. Experienced photographer, Chris Powell (41 years old) and his 17-year-old son Brendan were in the crane when it fell. Chris Powell was killed on impact when the crane toppled, while Brendan was still alive but seriously injured, and situated on his back on the road beside the crane.  Ms Eggers-Stable began to comfort Brendan until the paramedics arrived.


In those critical moments as Brendan struggled between life and death, Sarina not only comforted him, she held his hand and cradled his head, and promised to visit him in the hospital.


She also kept her promise to Brendan and visited him in the hospital. Chris Powell’s family described Sarina as the "guardian angel" who watched over Brendan while he waited for help. Seeing her, lifted Brendan’s spirit and he told her that he could not remember anything about the accident except for her face.


"I was trying everything I could to make sure he would stay alive and I wasn't sure if he was going to make it. I just wanted to give him hope in that moment," she said.

"In this young man's life he's going to look back at this as a really tragic time and quite a distressing night - the night he lost his father. I wanted to restore his faith in that moment that there was someone who loved and cared for him."


While Brendan recuperates in the hospital, he needs to undergo more surgery. He is expected to be released from the hospital in about six weeks and is expected to recover fully in no less than six months. Meanwhile, the tragedy has sparked goodwill and support towards the Powell family.


When asked what inspired her to do this, Ms Sarina said, “Brendan was in a lot of pain so I just wanted to provide him with as much comfort as humanly possible.” She went on to say that she intends to give any money raised as part of this campaign to Brendan and his family as they not only lost a father that day, but they also lost the family’s source of income.


When asked about WorldRewardsYou, Ms Sarina said, “WorldRewardsYou is a great initiative, we all need to work towards increasing our faith in ourselves and each other, and this platform allows that to happen




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