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WorldRewardsYou Funding Campaign How-To


There is great joy in rewarding good deeds. Nominating someone is the first step in beginning a new campaign. To do this, fill out the nomination form and include the name and contact information for the nominee. WorldRewardsYou will then contact the nominee and get the story. Once the story is approved, it goes up on the WorldRewardsYou platform and the reward campaign begins!


Each story has the opportunity to be rewarded on our platform for several weeks. By spreading the word about the campaign on social media and offline, the story has the potential to attain a larger reward amount. In a few weeks' time, the platform automatically pays the recipient either electronically or by check. It's just that easy! 


Individuals, communities, colleges, companies, and other institutions now have a place to share stories about good and see that people get rewarded! Remember that the WorldRewardsYou platform is the first to reward people for doing good, be sure to share this page with others so they understand our crowd-funding process. We look forward to hearing great stories and most importantly, promoting a lifestyle of doing good around the world. Visit our stories page now by clicking here.


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