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Oakland, California, United States

Juliet Boyd has one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs around. As the Executive Director of Hopalong Animal Rescue, she helps rescue and adopt out sick and injured animals from numerous Bay Area shelters.  Since their inception 22 years ago, they have saved over 25,000 animals to date!


Recently, Juliet got word that their critical $130K grant for medical funding was cut. This was a shock to the organization, and now Hopalong is forced to be more selective about what animals they can save, while the others needing care are often euthanized. Many of these animals just need simple treatments, however with this devastating budget cut, Hopalong won’t be able to afford the medical treatment that would normally be covered.


We need your help to lend a huge helping hand to Juliet and her team at Hopalong Animal Rescue so they can continue their life-saving work.


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