Brave 11-year-old calls 911 to report an assault

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**This story was nominated by the Union City Police Department – For safety reasons we have kept the boy’s name and image anonymous.  The rewarded funds will go directly to this 11 year old boy and by rewarding him we are encouraging him to stay on a positive path in school and everyday life.


The following story is about a brave 11-year old boy from Union City, CA.  A boy who is struggling to do well in school and often times finds his way into trouble and bad behavior.  He has recently started boxing classes providing him a positive outlet and he loves it so far.   This 11 year old has expressed interest in becoming a police officer and if he wants to enter the Explorer/Cadet Program he needs to bring his grades up to achieve this when the time comes.


The Union City Police Department Dispatch received a 911 call of a male subject hitting a female victim.  The 911 caller stayed on the line providing pertinent information to Dispatch on the suspect’s description, location, and movements.


The 911 caller took the time to stay on the line and he had the presence of mind to maintain a safe distance from the disturbance, while still being able to provide information to the responding officers.  Upon arrival of the officers, the 911 caller provided a detailed recorded statement concerning what he had seen.  In addition, he participated in a Field Show Up and positively identified the suspect that had hit the victim.  The victim was later transported to the hospital after it was determined that she had sustained significant injuries in the assault.  The suspect in this case was arrested as a result of the information provided by the 911 caller.


The 911 caller turned out to be 11 years old.  This young man was in 6th grade and is a student at a local Union City middle school.  This young man showed a level of bravery that many adults seldom possess while making a 911 call.  A Union City Police Officer spoke with the young man after the incident.  The brave young boy said he had called to report the incident as he did not want to see anyone get hurt.  He also said that he stayed a safe distance away from the suspect, so the suspect would not see him calling in to report the incident.


At a later date, the same police officer met with the young man and found out that this Good Samaritan’s only goal in life is to be a police officer.


In speaking with his Mom, she said “he’s a great kid with a good heart and he has a great deal of concern for the kids living in the home that witnessed everything as it unfolded, but I have no doubt that he would take the same action today if he encountered a similar situation.”


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