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Abdul would like you to know that a portion of all rewards will go to, a non-profit that provides prosthetics to amputees


Three years ago Abdul was in the prime of his life – he was a Sheet Metal worker, husband, father, loved golfing, riding dirt bikes and his Harley Davidson Motorcycle.  Then, in October of 2012, his life dramatically changed, not once but twice in a matter of 20 days. First, his brother was murdered, mistaken for someone else, and then Abdul was in a motorcycle accident which caused him to lose his right leg above the knee and badly damaged his left arm and left leg with nerve damage.


There were many dark days during his recovery as 5 different prosthetists were unable to make a working socket for his residual limb to fit to his prosthetic leg leaving him hostage to his wheelchair.  A year and a half after his accident, Abdul finally found an honest, skilled and caring prosthetist who fitted him with the correct prosthetic in one week. Only then, was he able to begin the long and painful journey to putting his life back together.  As soon as Abdul was fitted with this correct prosthetic his now inspirational story was able to begin.


Abdul is a t-shirt wearing kind of guy and tried to find shirts with inspiring messages for amputees that he could wear. When he couldn’t find any, Amputee Life Clothing™ was born.  Just four short months after was created, people from all over the world have been purchasing his inspirational clothing including amputees from over 30 US states and 6 countries.


The story for Abdul and his wife Priscilla doesn’t stop with Amp Life Clothing™, as they want to help those who don’t have access to get a prosthetic.  Additionally, they are working to connect with peer support groups and Prosthetic offices to provide Amp Life Gift Packs.  They hope these packs will provide much needed encouragement and inspiration to those who are just beginning the process of coping with being an amputee.


On a daily basis, Abdul hears from people all around the world thanking him for his inspiring clothing line as well as posting videos of his journey as an amputee with nerve damage to get back on his feet and living the Amp Life proudly. 


Thank you Abdul for your positive outlook on life and let’s reward him for being an inspiration to all amputees.


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