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Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Owen Pomanais an evangelist fromNew Zealandwho travels the world doing good and changing lives. He did not find his calling easily. But, once he did, he never looked back and has been travelling the world spreading the word of Jesus and helping people in whatever way he can.

Owen grew up in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand as the youngest of a large catholic family. He was educated and served with the Royal New Zealand Navy for seven years. After he left the Navy, he became a personal trainer and represented New Zealand in the sport of body building at national and international level. But, then lost it all to his rage and anger when he was rejected by his girlfriend.

In a fit of rage, he left his family and his country with only $500, a bag full of clothes and a one-way plane ticket to Kings Cross, Sydney, Australia, with a messed up, hurt, and broken heart. Within a week he found himself living on the streets, lonely, hungry, and feeling like no one cared for him. He hit rock bottom when he ended up in jail for armed kidnapping while working as a debt collector for the gangs and drug dealers in Sydney.

That was theturning point in Owen’s life. That is when he found Jesus and not only turned his life around but has helped hundreds of people turn their lives around. Having travelled 37 nations from North Korea to Brazil, from Thailand to West Papua, Owen has helped hundreds of people in need. He does not see what country he is in, all he sees is how many people he can help today.

He has helped free bonded laborers in brick kilns in Pakistan and India and rescued several victims of child prostitution and Human Trafficking in Thailand, Laos, and Mayanmar.

Owen says, “I live by faith and travel by the grace of God and the goodness of people.”

Owen has helped build houses in remote villages finding solutions outside government funding. He has hung out with people on the streets and visited drug rehabilitation centers and schools where he saw a need.

In his own words, “I don't want any Glory. I just want to inspire and see others do something with their lives and overcome every obstacle.”

Owen is a minister who wants to play his part in spreading love and joy, reuniting families, and filling our hearts with the inspiration to do unto others. That is the legacy he wants to leave behind.


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