10-year-old helps homeless kids

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Once homeless himself, 10-year old Xavier Elliot is now making clothes for other homeless kids. He is a true inspiration and all funds rewarded to him will be used to purchase additional fabric and sewing materials to continue helping others.


Story Credit: Bryan West, 12 News-NBC


Xavier Elliott spends his allowance money to buy fabric and tools to make clothes for homeless kids.


Xavier Elliott is learning not only a lesson in sewing but, a life lesson in compassion.


"We have so much stuff," the 10-year-old said. "I think we should give stuff to homeless kids."


Elliott was watching his mother, Stephanie, make purses and clothes one day. He turned to her and said he wanted to spend his allowance on fabric.


"I started posting it everywhere," she said. "I've gotten tons of donations for him. I am so proud. He's doing really good."


Donations have mostly come in prints and material. The family is hoping to get a second sewing machine so he can have his own. They are also looking for sewing materials: needles, pins and thread.


"I hope it would encourage other people to help me," Elliott said, "so I could help other people.”


Update on the Story


At 10 years old, Xavier Elliott is learning how generous the world can be.


"Makes me feel happy that people are trying to help," he said.


He told his mom, Stephanie, that he wanted to save his allowance to buy material and fabric to make clothes for homeless children. She set up a Facebook page and Twitter account and reached out to 12 News.


"After we did the story," she said, "we started to get e-mails and comments all over. I can't believe how much help he has gotten and how many people have said he's a great kid. I already knew that though."


A woman from Tempe donated a sewing machine after the first report aired. Since then, Stephanie has heard from people in Portugal, Korea and Canada.


Design U, a fashion camp that teaches kids how to design and create clothing gave Elliott a scholarship.


"I can up-size dresses," he said, "and I can make my own designs so it will cost less to make the patterns."


One woman from Florida was especially touched.  Louise Martin of Seminole called Stephanie and her son to let them know she had boxes of materials and supplies.


"I'd say almost 200 zippers," she said. "Then, over 100 spools of thread and there's well over 300 yards of fabric."


The only snag is Louise is disabled and lives on a tight income. She can't send the materials to Xavier, so she is reaching out to companies to help.


"If we can do this much for him, he'll do the rest himself," she said. "He's a brilliant little guy."



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